Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

As a basic member you are agreeing to leave the “Unlimited Beats / Producer” tag at the beginning of each track you download. We have strategically placed this and cut the volume down to where it is not a issue for most Artist.
You have the rights to use the beats on any medium you choose including: social networks, mixtape, albums, radio, movie soundtracks etc…
Once a song/beat is getting notoriety and you are making *substantial income/notoriety (sales, live shows, radio, etc) from our combined works we ask that you either A. Buy the full rights to the beat that we produced which will be negotiable (once bought the beat will be delivered tag-less, tracked out and taken off of our website) or B. Share the profits of our combined work we both created which will also be negotiable. (once profit sharing begins the beat will be delivered tag-less, tracked out and taken off of our website). It will be your option but Failure to do either will result in cancellation of your membership and legal action to recoup what is considered our fair share in court.
What is *substantial income/notoriety?
Substantial income and or notoriety will be considered on a case by case basis. We have a content scanner that will scan every website (social media/youtube channel/music selling sites etc..) searching for our beats that we created using a precise algorithm to detect our work. This scan is performed daily so we don’t miss anyone experiencing success with our work. We don’t do this to scare or threaten anyone we do this so we can make sure that our work is being rewarded properly. If you are concerned about this matter simply use the contact button to ask us additional questions. Otherwise to all of our honest hardworking Artist/Musicians we invite you to just have fun and continue to be honest as you gain momentum in your career while using this site.
Cancel Membership:

As a basic member of Unlimitedbeats.net you are not under any contract and can cancel at anytime. Cancellation process will begin immediately and you will be cancelled on your next bill cycle (30 days or which ever is sooner). Meanwhile you have full access to the site until your membership is closed. We offer absolutely NO REFUNDS for our beat download services because you will be able to hear our work before you join. It wouldn’t be fair to allow a person to download all of our hard work and then ask for a refund, even if the person say they didn’t download any beats, once you are a member you have full access and the beats/membership fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

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