“Kill The Beat” contest Jan. 2016


Kill The Beat Contest (Jan. 2016)

Unlimited Beats welcomes you to join our monthly “KILL THE BEAT” contest. The rules and layout is very simple.

Rule #1:
You must use the selected “KILL THE BEAT” track for the month from our catalog. Which is “SNOW FLAKE”

Rule #2:
Your verse has to be 16 bars long, not shorter or longer.

Rule #3: 
You must upload it to Youtube titled “Your Name – KILL THE BEAT – Unlimitedbeats.net”

You don’t have to be on camera, you can just upload your song if you choose.
Submission ends Feb 28th, 2016
Winner announced and awarded March 5th, 2016
This months KILL THE BEAT Contest will be judged by our on staff music producers.
This months KILL THE BEAT track is “SNOW FLAKE”

Join today to download the instrumental “SNOW FLAKE” and KILL THE BEAT!!

Good luck to all!!

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winners will be announced feb 28th 2016

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